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Want to become a Taiku Poet?...Unleash the Taiku Poet hiding inside of your creative self. Mobile Apps to learn how to write Taiku Poetry now available.

Goto App Stores on your Apple or Android devices.

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An American poem of 7, 9, or 11 lines of poetry beginning with one word on first line, two words on the second and so on until 4th, 5th or 6th line. The next line for each poem is followed by one less word on each successive line until there is only one word on the final line.

Subscribers can choose how many lines they want to use in their poems. They can also choose to use the same word to begin and end a poem or use a different word. My own experience has been that poems of less than 7 lines or more than 11 lines are less pleasing...experiment and see what works for you.

Subscribers can sign up to both share their own Taiku Poetry and/or just leave comments for other poets who are participating in this exciting new adventure in writing.


This page is only for poets and people who love poetry. Any other kind of post will be deleted.

My ultimate desire is to create a community of Taiku poets who are excited as I am about Taiku Poetry. I have also created a mobile app that will be available for both iPhones and Android sets. My book will soon be published on Amazon as a hard copy and Kindle version...Stay tuned for availability.


Sample Poem - Taiku Poetry


Is poetry
Life and love
Celebrating the human spirit 
People are searching for balance 
Cultural walls hamper peace 
Hindering real possibilities 
Understanding is


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